March 08, 2015

More fish!

     This is the second batch of fish my students made this year. As a new project, I am still developing ways in which I can introduce it with a historical or cultural component. Most said it was their favorite project because it was so open ended and they could use their creativity (more-so than with the bowls or coil vases we created; many of those had the same form).
     These fish range from 4-10 inches long and were created from terra cotta clay (cone 05-06). The initial brainstorm was done on iPads, each student sketched fish shapes they were inspired by from the internet. The assignment was to invent a fish or use an existing fish as a starting point. Starting with with hand-thrown slabs, they were encouraged to add to or sculpt in to them. The students used loop tools for elements such as scales or stamped textures with various tools that were in the room. I am so proud of their work!

September 09, 2014


After a week or so of drawing contour lines, value scales, and eggs... The students of Studio Art have graduated to white still-lives. They have fine-tuned their eyes to recognize subtle values.

September 05, 2014

Bowls Bowls Bowls

It's that time of year! The Ceramics students are introduced to the basics through the creation of a family of pinch bowls. After they are fired, they will paint designs on the surfaces.