July 22, 2011

I Love Buffalo, NY

Meet Hayley. We met the first day of our English 101 class our freshman year of college and have been inseperable ever since... except the fact she now lives 6 1/2 hours away from me in Buffalo, NY. Hayley was a painting major, like me, at Alfred University. When she left school, she moved to an artsy district of Buffalo (Elmwood Village) and opened a vintage furniture shop with one of her friends, Courtney.  

Reimagine Furniture is a fast growing little shop with re-finished vintage funiture and vintage housewares. While Hayley works and manages this shop with her friend, she is also an active oil painter; shes constantly an inspiration for me to keep painting. (I'm still working on being an active artist and teacher.) 
*See the next blog post "Hayley's Art" for images of her recent paintings.

I recently went to Buffalo to see her. She and Courtney had a phone interview with a local magazine for an article about Reimagine that morning. When I arrived, we immediately began unloading a car full of new goodies they had picked up for the store.... lamps, nick-nacks, plates, cups, figurines and even a clear botanical footstool filled with silk flowers. I think that was Courtney's favorite find!

After the unloading, Hayley and I waited for an artist to arrive at the store.  She was delivering her paintings to be displayed in the shop for a while; the show opening is August 12th at Reimagine.
Alix Martin is just as colorful and bubbly as her paintings; also an inspiring person to be around. This was the biggest painting of the collection... Notice Hayley in awe. My iPhone did not capture the beauty of the colors. (Sorry Alix for the injustice to your paintings.)
My favorite was this one on the left.  Very fresh, bright and every paint stroke full of happy energy; its a portrait of her daughter. The paintings are oil on canvas.... a few even have some beautiful spray painted stenciling (the yellow and white design on the one to the right.)

Among the big portraits, there were these cute little bird ones too.  Alix has fun with her paintings, each one even has an interesting name.

Never a dull day for the ladies of Reimagine Furniture! I had a blast on Elmwood Ave. If my situation were different, I would love to move to this artsy town to keep me inspired. :o)

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  1. Thanks for sharing this Wendy! I love Alix's paintings and Reimagine Furniture! Enjoy your summer. Cindy