July 16, 2011

Name the Elements and Principles of Art

Early (6 AM) this morning, I went fishing with my dad.  The pond was absolutely beautiful when we first arrived. There was a thin layer of fog coating the whole thing and quickly dissipated as we started floating around in the canoe. My dad was the only one that caught a small fish, a pretty, green, speckled pickerel which swam loose just as he was about to take it out of the water on his pole. Despite this unsuccessful day on "Round Pond", I did manage to take a few photos on my iPhone. I am always captivated by the nature of this 50 acre area of land my Dad now has in his name (formerly my Grandparents').  As I looked at the photos on a larger screen, I came to realize why these scenes are so beautiful in terms of art.  I tell my students that most works of art are successful because they incorporate many of the Elements and Principles of art.  As you scroll through these, see if you can name them.
Emphasis, Symmetry, Line, Depth.

Repetition, Contrast, Analogous Colors, Shape.

Analogous Colors, Symmetry, Line, Depth

Emphasis, Shape, Repitition, Shape, Analogous Colors, Contrast, Depth.

Mother nature, afterall, is an expert when it comes to combining the elements in a successful way!

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