July 30, 2011

Old Dog, New Tricks

This beautiful pile of gunk is paint I finally scraped off my glass palette after about a year of sitting in my parent's basement.  It felt good to get rid of the old, dried up and replace it with fresh squeezed paint.  I've been talking to my Dad forever about teaching him a painting lesson and today was the day!
My dad and many members of his side of our family are very creative, some are even artists.  My dad does not consider himself an artist; he's never really drawn anything for "art's sake" but he does draw for a living.... figure that one out.  He is a mechanical designer, he draws parts on a CAD system.  Since he has an eye for detail and an ability to render objects, I figured he would have a step up in this painting lesson.
Set up on our picnic table behind the house, I got everything out, taught him a very quick lesson on mixing colors and he took right off with it.  He ever verbalized every single color mixture as if he were Bob Ross; it was pretty amusing.

It felt good to paint for the first time in a month.

Would you believe he hasn't painted a picture since middle school... and this was his first time using oil paints!  Great job Dad, lets do it again!

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