July 04, 2011


Sometimes it is frustrating when you create something and its not exactly what you want.  As an artist, especially a beginning artist, one needs to understand that "practice makes perfect"... really.
I started designing this tattoo last summer... the client lost contact with me and I never found out if he got the tattoo.  I did atleast twelve different drafts of this tattoo, each time fine-tuning it to his liking. It is a heron eating a frog as the frog struggles to stay alive. It is an image summing up a proverb whose message is to persevere.  Ironic to this lesson, huh?

Here are the inital sketches on the left and one of the final ones on the right.  He wanted the head of the heron and the frog to be much different than I have shown.  I did about five other drawings of just the head and frog too

Another sketch.

So, don't give up.  If a piece of art doesn't look right the first time, don't be afraid to edit and fine-tune until you are happy with it... or your client is. 

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