August 26, 2011

Mr. Whitcomb's Doodling

Just as I need to be writing or drawing to stay focused and listening; so does Mr. Whitcomb. Check out these doodles he created on his "beginning of school" folder today.

August 17, 2011

An Unexpected Opportunity

Today, I went to the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. It was an unbelievably inspiring trip... So much to look at! It was unfortunate we did not get there to spend more than the three hours we did; I would've stayed there all night.
We turned a corner and I found an open figure drawing session happening in the middle of the room where all the Monet, Degas and Van Gogh paintings were displayed. A half clothed male model was just standing in the middle of the room. There were 20+ people sitting around drawing! I thought it was a class, but it was free to the public! There were drawing pencils, paper, drawing boards and little stools for people to just sit down and sketch.
Ever since I can remember, I have loved to draw people. So, I opened my sketchbook (yes, I brought it to he museum!), clicked my pen into gear and sketched away for two minutes.

August 16, 2011

Only Art Teachers...

....would have head sculptures decorating the coffee station.
Today, the middle school art teacher (my classroommate) and I are organizing the studio for the second day in a row. The beginning of school is upon us! Today, we tackle the supply closet.

Find Inspiration Everywhere

While walking on campus today, I spotted this rotting log. It had been raining the last 24 hours so the dark grey of the wood made the colors of moss and mushrooms stand out so well. Oranges, green, sea foam greens, blues, tans and whites. Oh nature....

August 07, 2011

The Layered Look

This is a trick one of my cooperating teachers taught me while I was student teaching. Packing tape turns any picture in a magazine into a translucent image. After two years, I've finally decided to try it. 

1. Cut out the image you want from a magazine. You may also photo copy any image and use that.  It must be small enough to fit within the dimensions of a strip of packing tape.

2. Cut and stick a strip of clear packing tape (even the cheapest brand will do!) onto the image and make sure to press and smooth so there are no air bubbles.

 3. Soak in a bowl of warm water for 5-10 min
4. With your thumb, gently rub off the paper from the back of the tape, the image will remain.

 5. Notice, the image is now translucent! The tape will no longer stick, so, to add to a project you can use a clear adhisive such as Clear Elmers School Glue or Glossy Modge Podge.

An easy and cheap addition to a scrapbook or a collage!