October 22, 2011


I met my students' parents last weekend for conferences and a couple of them were artists.  One of them teaches a drawing course, focusing on anatomy, at the Springfield Art Museum.  He kindly invited me to come to his class... so I did!

For two hours I stood in front of the scupture worked on this drawing.  The sculpture is a recreation of a Michaelangelo.  Don told me this was created as Michaelangelo was nearing death and was having trouble rendering realistic figures; the figure is meant to look as if he is in agony.

I could've just sat in my apartment or outside drawing, but I needed the extra push.  I have not spent much time on art at all and the only artists I am surrounded by are my co-workers and students.  I wanted some outside inspiration, a new atmosphere, and a fresh outlook on drawing.  Where I work, I am the one expected to inspire my students, I needed the same for myself.

... and man, did it feel good.
(18in x 24in, pencil on paper)

Although a teacher, I am an artist deep down through and through.  I needed this artistic "getaway" to reinvigorate my inner artist.

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