October 13, 2011

Still Lifes

I have re-posted this blog the right way.  I realized it would be better to see a progression of students' work throughout the representational unit. 
Students started this unit by doing simple line drawings (both looking at their paper and not) to understand how to "look" at an object and draw it.  Even in the simplest object, one can see subtleties of values, shapes, lines and colors.
The first drawing was a simple one; just pencil on paper depicting three simple objects.  The students started out very loose and light to draw the basic shapes and then moved in with values to define the objects.

 Next, students used a white conte crayon on black paper to draw the same three objects.  This assignment was to change the students' view point and get them to think about highlights and shadows in the opposite way.
Next, I set up a colorful still life with an array of objects.  Students started out by drawing four small thumbnail drawings to figure out possible angles they wanted to draw from and see compositions.
Then, They drew the still lifes with chalk pastels on colored pastel paper.  In one object, there are multiple shades, hues and variations of every color; students were to pick out and portray these color differences in their still lifes.  

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