November 30, 2011

Color Wheels!

Monday marked the beginning of a new trimester; I started teaching Painting. Check out these color wheels my new students made with only magenta, cyan, yellow, black and white acrylic paint.

A Circle of Portraits

This week, it had been so warm; It feels like spring!! Mr. Bloomfield and his AP students got in a circle and drew one another.... It was a perfect day for it!

November 21, 2011


Tomorrow is the last day of the trimester. The students are finishing up their linoleum prints today and tomorrow. Here are but a few...

November 20, 2011

November 17, 2011

Meet our New Buddy

A 33" skeleton!! No, I'm not being morbid... He is for drawing purposes.


Its been a busy few days here in Studio Art.
A week ago, students handed in their homework; they were to find a cultural artifact that was symmetrical and had meaning.  Each of the students shared their drawing/research with the rest of the class.  We talked about how art from around the world some times has a religious or ceremonial purpose.
For their current in-class project, the students are creating reduction prints.  The design had to be symmetrical and represent them in some way. 

As you can see... the process is a bit messy and hectic. It is definitely a worthwhile final assignment.


Grade Six is learning about ancient Egypt in Humanities and Art.  In Art, they are making their own cartouches on "papyrus paper".  Papyrus paper is made from meshed layers of very thin strips of reeds. 

 In any Egyptian hieroglyphics or artwork, a cartouche is a symbol to represent royalty.  A ruler's name would be written within the cartouche.

The "royal" students painted 18in x 12in paper to look like papyrus.  Currently, they are painting their cartouches with gold paint and adding details with sharpies.

November 07, 2011

Complete the Half

I was so impressed with the results of this homework assignment, I wanted to share them!
Students were to cut a picture of a person from a magazine in half. One of the halves was glued down, the other half, they had to draw in pencil to the best of their ability.

Pretty impressive, huh?

November 02, 2011

Re-Makes of Famous Works of Art

This year for homework, my Studio Art students had to recreate a work of art for one of their homework assignments.  It was to be in pencil and focus on proportions and values.  I stumbled upon this art blog:
Check out this post featuring photography re-makes of famous works of art!