March 06, 2012

Drawing Prompts

This project was inspired by a 6 hour drawing marathon I participated in at Alfred University.  Each of us had a large piece of arches paper. Every hour, a different art professor would come in and give us a prompt or an assignment to complete on the piece of paper. Over the six hours, we slowly developed our artwork.  Even though it was not pretty, it was a way for us to explore, experiment and find different ways to approach a visual problem.

For the last two weeks of this trimester, I did the same sort of activity with my drawing students. Everyday, they would choose a prompt out of a bucket and follow the directions.  The end products were vastly different and I think it was a successful project.  At the end, the students critiqued one another's artwork and also gave me ideas for more prompts.  Next trimester, I will make prompt sheets to hand out to each student; that way they can pick and choose the prompts that will fit their project the best. They seemed to love the freedom of this assignment; there were very little "rules".

The prompts were as follows:
- Draw the skeleton, or a part of the skeleton
- Draw you favorite memory 
- Add metallic paint to selective areas
- Look out the window and draw a tree
- Draw circles, leave them open or fill them with color
- Draw a portrait (self or from an image)
- Without telling them, draw one of your classmates as they move. (Gesture Drawing)
- Create an imaginary monster
- Fill an area with pattern
- Add a word(s) somewhere
- Create your own mandala, add color
- With a ruler, draw geometric lines and/or shapes. Add color
- Splatter paint or ink
- Add watercolor to an area of your artwork
- Gesso an area. Use it as a whiteout for your artwork

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  1. Love this idea. Thank you for bringing it to the students at WMA.