April 03, 2012

Colored Pencil Figure

Here is another series of photos from my drawing class. I had a slow start and took a bit for me to mentally and even physically get in the "groove". I've been sick and was contemplating staying home tonight; but, it was worth going and I learned something new as always. 

I was a little too lazy with my preliminary sketch and just let the head go off the edge of the paper. 
Note to self: take your time in the beginning, it is best for the overall drawing! 

It was good to practice using a whole spectrum of colors, even through the end product is a little too psychedelic for me. As you look through this progression, you can see that by the end I learned to give one side a darker value to enhance the 3-dimensional effect. This technique is so much different than a pencil drawing. Not only do you have to think about values, but the color relationships are just as important (for instance: complimentary colors, like yellow and purple or red and green, add contrast).  Also, with a colored pencil drawing, it is a purely additive method. You cannot push and pull the darks and lights like you can with pencil or charcoal; colored pencil does not erase well.

(Don't mind the little grey orb; it appears in every one of my photos I take with my phone... a little factory defect.)

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