July 23, 2012

BU Summer Studios - Monday

This summer, I am attending the Boston University summer studios; it's the second to last course for me to complete my Master of Art Education degree (in December).
Today was our introduction and orientation day along with a group project. We had two hours to complete a project dealing with the theme "resilience"; our group had to plan, gather materials, and create the final product. We were given a few foam "pipes", a couple plastic pipes, purple sand paper, little yellow cones and black wire. We added more materials to create this sculpture about the growth it takes to overcome hard times and becoming resilient. Although it looks a bit haphazard, a lot of thought and exploration was put in to this end result.

July 21, 2012


The ESL students made these hybrid animals out of clay last week... They had their bisque firing and will be glazed today.

July 20, 2012

Last day

Today is my last day with with ESL students. They are collaging and creating books

July 19, 2012

Word art

The ESL camp students have been creating pages for a book they will construct tomorrow. With nature as their inspiration, they are exploring abstract, botanical imagery. For this lesson, they found a passage, circled relevant words and then painted over the ones they didn't want. Later, drawing and collage was added to the page.

July 17, 2012

Nature Inspired Art

The ESL students have been taking nature walks (in the sweltering heat!) and are now creating abstract, expressive work to put in a book they will make on Friday.

July 11, 2012

Figure Drawing

I went to my figure drawing group again last night. It's been a while but it felt good to draw after about a month lull.

ESL Summer Program: Ceramics

The students started their hybrid creature sculptures yesterday

July 09, 2012


Today, I begin my two weeks of teaching an ESL camp here at school. High School aged students come to stay while they practice their language skills in English classes as well as Art. Last week, the students worked on creating self portraits with another art teacher. This week, they will create both storyboards and clay sculptures depicting a creature of their creation. Today, the students will learn about the stages clay goes through to become a ceramic piece and will begin their sketches and then their clay sculptures using a slab method.