October 17, 2012

The other half

I found this little gem while grading students' homework assignments. Can you guess which half is a magazine photo and which half the student drew?! He has an innate talent for seeing details and subtle value shirts.

October 08, 2012

Blue Curli-Q

Caroline's pitcher will have carved out waves that will be painted various shades and colors of blue. The handle matches the curves of the waves.

Atlantis Pitcher

Jacks vision for this pitcher is the lost city of Atlantis. The rippled edges will become cavernous areas surrounded by treasures and fish. Don't you love his handle?

October 07, 2012

Water Pitchers

These are preliminary sketches done by Ceramics students. The theme at WMA this year is water... What better way to incorporate the theme in art than with a water container!

October 04, 2012


These ladies are almost finished constructing their pitchers out of coils. Next comes spouts, pulled handles and sgraffito designs!

October 02, 2012

Still life pencil Drawing

After about a week of drawing activities, the Studio Art students started a still life. They implemented what they learned about line, contour line, negative space and value. Today, I also taught them about atmosphere. After they had shaded general dark areas, they smudged the whole paper and started to add in more darks and erase where light hit the objects and created highlights. I was impressed with how far they've come in just one week!