August 27, 2013

Art is . . .

Yesterday, the first day of school, Mrs. Lowry Brook and I assigned our students two simple, yet deep questions to answer: "What is art?"and "Art is not..."
We wanted to have them think about art in a positive, non threatening way. Art can be found anywhere or created from anything and theres no reason for them to fear the creation process. Below you will find their compiled responses... I think they speak for themselves!

Art is creation.
Art is freedom.
Art is beauty.
Art is cultures.
Art is colors.
Art is shape.
Art is fashion.
Art is a story.
Art is courage.
Art is expressing your opinions.
Art is the representation of life.
Art is how you see the world.
Art is a way to show the inside of the mind.
Art is a world where you aren’t “you”, but your imagination is “you”.
Art is thinking creatively.
Art is thinking differently.
Art is joy.
Art is music.
Art is math.
Art is imagination.
Art is the expression of one’s self.
Art is thoughts.
Art is a way to express your emotions.
Art is unique and self-describing.
Art is not only decoration; it must contain meaning and thought.
Art is relaxation.
Art is a way to freely express your perspective.
Art is being creative; thinking about something or someone then describing it not by writing, but by drawing, painting, or sculpting.
Art is something I never get sick of & always on my mind.
Art is expressing with more than just words more than just words.
Art is a physical expression.
Art is a way of life.
Art is someone putting memories or thoughts on paper.
Art is making designs and pictures.
Art is a form of expression that can not only be through painting and drawing but through a variety of activities and sports.
Art makes me feel that bad things can be good creations.
Art is something that make people feel pleasant.
Art is something that makes our life more beautiful and colorful.
Art is free, you can make anything you want in art; that’s the awesome part!
Art is the base line of every aspect.
Art is sitting outside your imagination.
Art is using your surroundings to create an expressive item.
Art can be perfect.
Art is not perfect.
Art can be simple.
Art is not simple.
Art is not time.
Art is not a game.
Art is not uniform.
Art is not a dog.
Art isn’t an activity used to make others feel bad.
Art is not something with definite standards.
Art is not something you throw together. You have to give it a piece of yourself.
Art is not an easy thing to accomplish over night but rather something that must be practiced and be full of emotion.
Art is not right or wrong.
Art is never wrong.
Art is never created when it is mandatory.
Art isn’t just a subject or class.
Art is not always specific.
Art is not boring.
Art does not have the same meaning for everyone.
Art is not copying someone else.
Art does not have restrictions or boundaries on the human condition.

Art is . . . everything.

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